Our mission is to be providers' one-stop-shop for health information technology support services, we do this by:

  • Supporting providers with EHR implementation (or expansion of current EHRs) to achieve meaningful use and access financial incentives;
  • Developing a technical and clinical support center staffed with expertise in top volume EHRs in West Texas to provide services to providers and hospitals within the 108 western most counties of Texas covering 131,459 square miles of which 50% of the counties are considered Frontier Counties;
  • Providing key service support to meaningful and effective use of EHRs by providers and hospitals in the service area to enhance quality of healthcare services to the population of 2.8 million within the 108 counties of West Texas;
  • Establishing a regional quality improvement collaborative for PPCPs (2490), specialists (2543) and hospitals (76 CAHs) to support regional migration to new payer models including Accountable Care Organizations and Patient Centered Medical Homes;
  • Working with key stakeholders to ensure secure and accurate electronic exchange of healthcare information within West Texas;
  • Supporting the training of the next generation of health information technology professionals within West Texas necessary to continue this work; and
  • Raising sufficient federal, community and provider revenue streams to sustain the WTxHITREC.


Our vision is to connect West Texas with interoperable electronic health records in all 108 counties served.

WTxHITREC supports safe, effective, and meaningful use of health information technology and exchange to improve patient safety, quality and population health outcomes across the 108 western-most counties in Texas aligning with the National Quality Strategy and evolving new delivery and payment models (Patient Centered Medical Homes and Accountable Care Organizations).